Based in Dallas, TX, we have delivered authentic Goan chouriço sausages directly to families, grocery stores, and restaurants since 1991.

As a family owned business, we ensure the finest quality of ingredients, a highly personalized manufacturing process, and prompt delivery to you and your family.

We welcome you to enjoy our family-inspired blend of spices and lean pork shoulder meat, to experience the distinct and unique spicy, succulent flavor of our Goan chouriço sausages.

Authenticity and homemade quality have been the hallmarks of our chouriço sausages as a commitment to our family of customers.

Please browse our website and contact us if you have any questions.

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US / Canadian Orders Only

Goa Sausage Choricos

With Casing - $12/lb
Without Casing - $8/lb
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Shipping Details
1 package = $6.80 shipping
2-9 packages = $13.35 shipping
10-16 packages = $17.85 shipping
17 packages & Up = $35.00 shipping